How to Set Up Facebook Business Manager

I’m surprised how many small business owners aren’t using Facebook Business Manager, I’m even more surprised by how many small business owners don’t know what Facebook Business manager is. So what is Facebook Business Manager? It’s Facebook’s version of a commercial portal. It gives you access to your business page, ad accounts, and allows you to manage your business page’s without going into the outward-facing consumer portal that we all know and love.

How is this useful to a small business owner? It’s a great way to separate your personal Facebook interactions with your business interactions (and keeps you from being distracted by cat videos while you work). It’s a must-have to run more complex ad campaigns and it gives you the ability to manage who has access to your Facebook page without having to go through the consumer portal.

Business manager can be a little intimidating to use at first but once you get the hang of it, it can give you page management tools that aren’t available through the traditional consumer portal. More importantly, if you want to hire someone like me you NEED to have this set up before we can manage your Facebook page or post ads on your behalf. It makes our job soooo much easier!

Today I will walk you through exactly how to set up Facebook Business Manager, how to link it to your business page, set up an ad account and how to give agency permission to manage both.

Facebook Business Manager Set-Up: Step 1

The first thing you need to do is actually create a business account. Log on to and click the “Create Account” button.

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Fill in all the details about you and your business, including your name, work email address, physical address, phone number, etc. Facebook will then walk you through the steps to set up your business manage account. First you’ll want to connect your business page (For the purposes of this post, I’ll assume you already have a business page. If you don’t already have a business page you’ll need to create one.)

Facebook Business Manager Set-Up: Step 2

Next you’ll need to link your business pages to your business manager. Click “Add Page”.

facebook business manager

Then under Add Page You Own, click the “Add Page” button.

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Start typing the name of your Facebook business page into the text box, it should auto-populate. Click the page name. If you have multiple Facebook Business pages, you can add each of them following the same steps.

Facebook Business Manager Set-Up: Step 3

Next you want to set up your Facebook ad account. If you’ve run ads through the consumer portal or boosted a post you may already have an ad account set up.

If you’re already using Facebook ads, you can link your existing ad account straight from business manager. From the Business Manager dashboard, click Add Ad Account, then Add Ad Account again, and then enter the ad account ID. The account ID can be found here.

If you don’t already have a Facebook ad account, you’ll need to create one. From the Business Manager dashboard, click Add Ad Account, then Create Account.

Give your ad account a name. Generally this should be the business name.

Then you’ll tell Facebook how you’re going to use the ad account. Choose the “My Business” option. Then click “Create”.

Once that’s done, you’ll need to set permissions. Select the circle by your name and then toggle over the “Manage Ad Account” option. Click “Assign.”

Congratulations! You now have an ad account! That long number in bold is your unique ad account number. It’s useful to have and pretty easy to find in the business settings but you may want to may want to make a note of it elsewhere if you keep up with that sort of thing.

Next step is to set up your payment method. Click the blue “Payment Methods” link.

Click the blue “Add Payment Method” button.

Type in your credit card info and then click “Continue”. Tada! All done!

Facebook Business Manager Set-Up: Step 4

Now, if you need to share access to your business page and your ad account with someone who will be managing the page and placing ads on your behalf (like me!) you’ll need to grant them access.

In the toolbar down the left hand side of the page click “Pages.”

The click “Assign Partners”. It’s located directly under the page name and the page number.

There’s two ways to do this: 1) you can enter the partner’s business ID which you would need to get from them. 2) you can give permissions then email the partner the link to set it up themselves. I’ll walk you through both.

Let’s start with the blue button and do it by business ID. This will require that you get the Business ID of the agency you’re assigning access to. They should be able to give that to you. If they can’t do this then RUN AWAY. Any decent social media service provider should be able to give you this number with no problem!

Enter the Partner’s Business ID into the text box. Under Admin Access make sure the “Manage Page” toggle is to the right and turns blue. Click next.

Now let’s do it by link. Click the grey “Get Link to Share” button.

Under the Admin Access header you’ll see the “Manage Page” toggle. Make sure it’s toggled over to the right and the toggle turns blue. Then copy the link and paste it in an email. Send the email to the person who you want to manage the account and they can complete the remainder of the process on their end.

You’ll need to repeat the process for your ad account.

In the toolbar on the left-hand side click “Pages” then click “Assign Partners” the follow the exact same steps as you for did to assign partners to the page.

I will follow up in later posts about how to use the Business Manager but for now, go play with it! Don’t forget to check out the Analytics! Cool stuff!

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