Who are we? Where did we come from? How did we get here? What do we do?
Everyone has a story. This one is special because it’s ours!

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Hi, I'm Joni!

I’m a small business marketing strategist and coach. More specifically I help small brick and mortar business owners create unified marketing strategies to leverage their marketing dollars. That’s a mouthful, I know. I’ll summarize. I’m a small business marketing expert. 

I live in Houston with my wonderful husband and two awesome kiddos. I have 17 years experience working in the marketing, communications and design fields. 

After getting a marketing degree from Baylor I spent the first seven years of my career working in the non-profit sector. I began by running fundraising campaigns and later worked in marketing and communications. It was amazingly rewarding. Deep down, I have a servant’s heart. But as anyone who has ever working in a non-profit can tell you, I did MY job, the jobs of four OTHER PEOPLE and anything else people asked me to do. From official printer un-jammer to official gift wrapper, I was your girl.

That's right. Offical gift wrapper.

That’s what happens when you work for a non-profit and someone finds out you spent a summer working the customer service desk at a department store.

It filled my need to serve and desire to give. But, man. It was stressful.

When we had kids I left my career to become a stay-at-home mom. I became entrenched in the throes of sleepless nights, breastfeeding disasters, diaper blowouts, spit up surprises and cute baby outfits.

I wouldn’t trade that early time with my kids for anything but all the while, I was wishing for something more. I missed my career. So I started tinkering with writing a blog in my spare time.

Spare time. That’s funny, because I didn’t have any. I loved blogging but I didn’t have enough time between diaper changes to build a successful blog. After several months of trying to make it work, it got abandoned. But it was a great opportunity to hone my writing skills and to learn all about this new platform called social media.

Social media? What’s that?

Fast forward ten years...

My youngest child started school. I found myself at home alone for the first time in a decade with NOTHING to do. I spent the first few months staring blankly at the wall but that didn’t last long. I wanted to start working again.

My husband’s job requires long hours and we agreed that I needed to be around for the kids. I began applying for jobs that were close to home and offered some flexibility, but I had little success. 

One of my friends mentioned that he knew someone who was opening a juice bar just a few miles from my house. The owner was looking for a general manager. I didn’t exactly want to run a juice bar but I also believe that you never turn down the opportunity to gain interview experience. 

So, off I went.

The interview went well but ultimately the time commitment didn’t fit into my desire to be around for my kids. I mentioned that I would be happy to launch the restaurant on a contract basis. The owner politely said she’d consider it and that was the end of that. 

I figured it was over. But then two weeks later, she called me back. She told me that she felt overwhelmed by the daunting task of hiring employees AND managing the marketing needs that came with launching a new business. She needed help. She knew I had a marketing
background and asked me to help her.

That's when consulting, almost literally, fell into my lap.

It was a cute little part-time consulting gig. But then word got out that I was helping a local restaurant through a business launch and my one client turned into two. Then three. Then four.

Driven Marketing Solutions was born.

That cute little part-time gig is now a full-time consulting business. My company specializes in working with small brick and mortar businesses who need professional marketing assistance, be that full blown consulting services or gentle coaching assistance we help small businesses change the way they think about marketing. 

Whether you need help launching your business, feel overwhelmed or are just ready to admit you don’t know what you’re doing we have a service that meets your needs. 

Since we started a year ago, we’ve had the honor of helping over a dozen small business owners up their marketing game through carefully created marketing plans and executed strategy. 


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