Let me introduce myself. I'm Joni. I'm a marketing strategist, coach and accidental entrepreneur.

My journey from stay-at-home mom to full time business owner wasn’t planned, as most things aren’t. But owning my own business has given me all the job flexibility I need to care for my family. 


After getting a marketing degree from Baylor University, I spent the first seven years of my career working in the non-profit sector running annual fundraising campaigns and later working in marketing and communications. 


When my kids were born I took time away from my career to focus on building my family. During that time, I kept myself busy writing a blog about running (I’m a big runner!) learning how to build websites, and this new thing called social media.

I also used my non-profit experience to serve the community by volunteering for several local non-profit boards.

When my youngest child started school, I found myself home alone for the first time in a decade with NOTHING to do. I spent the first month staring blankly at the wall and then quickly decided I was ready to re-enter the workforce.

I started looking for traditional employment but realized I needed scheduling flexibility to be around for the kids. 

That’s when consulting, almost literally, fell into my lap. I was given a chance to help a friend-of-a-friend through the opening of her business, a small juice bar located a few miles from my house.

It was a cute little part-time gig, but then word got out that I was helping a local restaurant though a business launch my one client turned into two, then three, then four.

It grew faster than I could have expected and quickly became a full-time consulting business.

Then came COVID. After a few months of virtual school we made the tough decision to homeschool our kids. Homeschooling while working was a lot harder than I anticipated and in February 2021 made the decision to take a few months off to put my focus back on the kids.

As it turns out, I don’t do very well when I don’t have anything to do. As a way to keep myself busy while maintaining a more homeschool friendly schedule I’m  back to where I started, blogging and helping non-profits and small businesses build their brands and implementing efficient but effective marketing strategies. 


Joni dressed in a yellow shirt, wearing sunglasses in a car with a black interior.

My mission is to provide high quality but affordable marketing advice to small businesses and non-profits who need professional marketing services.  I believe small businesses and local non-profits are the foundation of our communities. I strive to use my skills and unique experience to provide timely and relevant services that can provide value to my clients long after my job is done.

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