10 Marketing Terms Every Small Business Owner Needs to Know

I often find myself explaining the same marketing terms to small business owners time and time again. Marketing lingo can be confusing to the uninitiated and it’s important that small business owners and managers have a basic understanding of some basic terminology. This understanding will help you optimize your current marketing efforts but will also help make things easier when you’re ready to hire a professional. Here are my top 10 most important marketing terms

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How to Set Up Facebook Business Manager

I’m surprised how many small business owners aren’t using Facebook Business Manager, I’m even more surprised by how many small business owners don’t know what Facebook Business manager is. So what is Facebook Business Manager? It’s Facebook’s version of a commercial portal. It gives you access to your business page, ad accounts, and allows you to manage your business page’s without going into the outward-facing consumer portal that we all know and love. How is

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Why Marketing Doesn’t Work, Layering and the Sales Funnel

Marketing doesn’t work. I hear it all the time. I’ve never understood it though. Marketing DOES work if you do it right. Marketing is like playing a game of chess. It’s strategic. It’s planned. It’s not a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kinda thing. I think the challenge faced by most small business owners is that they are so overwhelmed by the everyday running of their business they don’t stop long enough to realize what they perceive to be marketing

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social media promotions bullhorn

The #1 Small Business Social Media Mistake

  Think about the last time you scrolled through your social media feed. How many local businesses do you follow? How many of them post photos of their products on a daily basis? How many of them post stock photos? Or studio shots? A picture of a generic man who was paid to smile and hold a cup of coffee? Most of them. Sell. Promote. Discount. All.day.long. It’s the biggest social media mistake small business

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sign informing customers they must wear a mask

Marketing in the Age of COVID, 9 Ways to Improve Your Customer Service Amid Crisis

Congratulations, world! We’ve made it to July! What a year this has been and it’s only halfway over. In the last six-months. COVID has changed the way businesses operate, especially the way we go about marketing our small businesses.  My husband and I had an experience a while back that made me think about how COVID has changed the way businesses operate. We had a rare afternoon with the kids gone. He is working at home

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The Ultimate Small Business Marketing Resource

Welcome to Brick & Mortar Corner – a collection of blog posts, tools and resources designed specifically to meet the marketing needs of the small business owner! If you know me personally, you know how much a role fear plays in my life. I’ve learned through the years that it’s okay when we push ourselves to the point of fear and discomfort that we grow. Lean into fear. It’s always worth it. When I started

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